Anclara – the etymological meaning of the word in Spanish is anchor. According to Władysław Kopaliński's A Dictionary of Symbols, an anchor symbolizes, among others: hope, confidence, safety, determination, patience, serenity, steadfastness, support, fidelity, succor and triumph. Without a doubt, those are the attributes we find important and the values we treasure. Moreover, a philosophy of the Anclara Clinic rests on three pillars: prevention healthcare, treatment and aesthetics.


Modern Western medicine slowly returns to its roots and essence, which is and always should be HEALTH and a focus on health, defined as a perfect harmony in body and mind. A holistic approach to health and illness prevention are the cornerstone of Anclara Clinic's philosophy. Modern medicine is deeply ingrained in our specialists as its achievement is invaluable. Furthermore, they put emphasis on preventive care, which is just as important and accessible as the treatment itself, while being significantly cheaper. Prevention, alongside treatment, is the keystone of optimal healthcare.


Sometimes prevention may not be enough. In these cases, an innovative medical intervention is a necessity. Intervention equipped with high-tech diagnostics, knowledgeable doctors and research facilities. Our medics are high-grade specialists, continuously updating their qualifications. This way they're able to keep up with the exceedingly dynamic world of modern medicine.



The needs of an aesthetic nature aren't only a capstone of the pyramid of human needs, they're inseparably connected with our well-being and health. At the Anclara Clinic we strive to create a place where you can learn anything and everything about the aesthetic medicine. We highly encourage you to ask our doctors questions. There's no such thing as a stupid question. We answer them all with patience and earnestness. Why this exact procedure, not another? Why this product, not another? Lack of knowledge is a dangerous thing. It creates myths and demons. At Anclara we demythologize the aesthetic medicine.

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Dermatology and Allergology

Skin is the largest organ of the human body, its showcase, and a region with an ability to signal any concerning internal processes. At the Anclara Clinic, we're equipped with high-tech devices, which help us in the diagnosis and treatment of dermatological problems. They are, among others: DUB SkinScanner Ultrasound imaging system, videodermatoscopy (for diagnosing the changes on skin, including identification of early-stage malignant melanomas), lasers - fractional, ablasive Pixel CO2, Sectum (for dermatosurgical procedures) and Alma Harmony DYE VL/ Nd:Yag (for reduction of vascular lesions and discoloration).

Aesthetic Medicine 

At the Anclara Clinic, Dr Anna Płatkowska-Szczerek, whose name is well known, is in charge of aesthetic medicine. Doctor Anna is an expert in aesthetic medicine in various TV shows, such as ”Eks-tra zmiana”, ”Warsztat Urody” and ”Sekrety Lekarzy” on TVN Style. Her broad experience, including many years of conducting training courses, her aesthetic sense and working with top quality products, are a guarantee of the best results and safety of the procedures. Safety, next to transparency and medical ethics, is the boundary we never cross at Anclara. That's the reason why it's the specialist who has the final word, even though a treatment plan is always created together with the patient. If a patient's vision and expectations are unrealistic, damaging for health or aesthetic, it will get politely yet firmly denied. In the end, a patient leaving our clinic becomes kind of a ”showcase”. It's obvious that we can't lend our brand to some things.

Cosmetology & Physiotherapy

It's no secret that cosmetology and aesthetic medicine complement each other. Hence our effort to provide the patients with cosmetology of the highest standards. Our experienced, professional and talented cosmetologists will give you the best care. They will evaluate the needs of your skin and select adequate treatments, which can also turn out to be a perfect moment for relaxation. In addition, they will offer an advice on keeping your skin in the best possible condition through optimal everyday care.

Psychiatry & Psychology

You shouldn't listen to the old saying of ”everyone going to a psychiatrist should have their head examined”. Sometimes it's recommended to visit a person that listens to us, with whom we can comfortably talk, where we can objectify our problems and put them into perspective. It can be a psychotherapist, or in some cases, a psychiatrist. At times a small intervention is enough, in other cases a deeper analysis is necessary. We're all human, and nothing human should be alien to us. Life's too short to spend it suffering, especially without knowing the sources of the pain. Besides, exploring oneself is a fascinating journey and self-awareness is the greatest virtue and treasure. This treasure is a requirement to be in high spirits, a state that our specialists will strive to get you back into.

Gynecology & Aesthetic Gynecology

There's a reason why female genitals are sometimes symbolised by a lotus. Similiar to them, this plant is beautiful, impeccable in it's form, symmetrical. Like every flower – the longer it is nurtured, the longer it keeps blooming. A mindful woman pays close attention to the health of her ”lotus flower” by staying under the regular care of a gynecologist. However, because the passing time leaves an imprint on every part of the human body, it's also an Aesthetic Gynecology that offers a helping hand to women. There's no necessity for any dissonance between what's ”down there” and the rest of an appearance to disturb a modern woman's happiness.

Urology & Aesthetic Urology

To simplify the case, urology is the hydraulics of a human body. And just as the Polish plumber is our trademark abroad, a Polish urologist (also usually male) is a symbol of the highest quality and professionalism. Our urologist will not only take care of the health and functionality of your genitourinary system, he will also take care of another important aspect, its aesthetics. Modern medicine makes it possible for your vitals to not be the same for your whole ”vita”. Much can be changed and perfected to improve your mental state on the one hand, and the physical pleasure of your partners on the other.


A beautiful and healthy body needs a strong and solid frame. Ever since our ancestors became bipedal, our proud stature should be our source of joy and broadening horizons. But as we all know – the modern way of living does not make it easy to achieve. We broaden our horizons mainly by staring at the screens of computers and smartphones, while our infrequent bouts of physical activity often result in injuries. Tension, unhealthy posture and contusions handicap our daily lives. It doesn't have to be that way! Our talented orthopedist will make sure that you hold your head up high and happily bring your aching skeleton out of the closet and right into a beautiful world!


An accurate diagnosis is essential to ensuring the most effective treatment. At the Anclara Clinic, in addition to specialist diagnostics (dermatologic, gynecologic and urologic), we also offer an ultrasound examination using the VOLUSON GE machine (e.g. US of the abdomen, thyroid etc.), histopathology examinations, and a complete scope of laboratory services.



Szkolenia indywidualne z dr Anną Płatkowską-Szczerek

ZAPRASZAMY NA INDYWIDUALNE SZKOLENIA DLA LEKARZY Z DR ANNĄ PŁATKOWSKĄ-SZCZEREK. Jeśli chcesz podnieść swoje kwalifikacje z zakresu medycyny estetycznej i jesteś lekarzem zapraszamy na szkolenia indywidulane, których program jest dostosowany ...

Anna Płatkowska - 03.03.2020



  CEL: Szkolenie ma na celu przyswojenie wiedzy teoretycznej oraz umiejętności praktycznych związanych z obrazowaniem przedzabiegowym twarzy oraz skóry i tkanki podskórnej przy użyciu profesjonalnego sprzętu fotograficznego, klasyczne ...

Anna Płatkowska - 04.01.2020


Rusza program bezpłatnych konsultacji !

Anclara Health & Aesthetics w współpracy z Centrum Medycznym Evimed  w Warszawie zaprasza wszystkich pacjentów z chorobami skóry. W każdy pierwszy poniedziałek miesiąca oferujemy bezpłatne konsultacje. Porozmawiaj z lekarzem i poz ...

Anna Płatkowska - 27.09.2019


Badania Kliniczne dla pacjentów z atopowym zapaleniem skóry (AZS)

Zapraszam wszystkich dorosłych pacjentów do udziału w badaniach klinicznych. Oferujemy dostęp do najnowocześniejszych metod leczenia atopowego zapalenia skóry. Zapewniamy kompleksową opiekę lekarską. 

Anna Płatkowska - 18.07.2019


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